It's been a minute

It’s been a minute.

Hello, it’s been a minute since I’ve done any music—almost 15 years—and it feels good to finally reconnect. Really good, in fact.

My last active year was 2005, and by the end of the year I had stopped playing out, and eventually stopped going into the studio as well.

While I continued listening to music during my hiatus, it was more as a consumer rather than as an artist. There was very little effort to seek music out, and most of my “discovery” was via a few online/streaming radio stations, modern day algorithms, and music friends would send or recommend to me.

LTJ Bukem and that style of drum-and-bass was perhaps the most prolific type of music I listened to during the inactive years, followed by 80s-era new wave music, and original music and remixes from my producer friends. A few DJ mixes here and there, but few and far between.

The reconnection with music happened slowly and over many years. From increased conversations with music friends, to heading back out to see a few shows, and simply feeling the itch to be creative again.

In 2018, I recorded my first mix in over a decade as an experiment to something we were working on at Dubset. This was followed in 2019 by several more mixes.

Life is very different today than 15 years ago, but it feels good to reconnect creatively, and I look forward to sharing more music in the future.